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We have a dream.  We want to make an independent feature film called The Jed and Maisie Story.    We have made two pieces of it as proof of concept.  We  shot CHICKEN in February of 2018.  It was first because it was least expensive; two people in a bed.  It introduced Jed and Maisie.   Check out its trailer.


What exactly is LIFT?

LIFT is the second of the two movies.  It is not merely a ride in a car; it is, we think, the whole roller coaster.  It is the final scene in our intended feature.   Several years after Jed has split with Maisie and is finally managing to feel a little sane, she unexpectedly gets into the Uber vehicle he drives.   For a few brave moments, Jed is over Maisie; then, like lightening striking, Jed is over nothing.  Maisie is still Maisie, wonderful and exasperating.  Fireworks ensue, it's hard to tell whether they're the good or bad kind.

LIFT  was shot in late November of 2018.   Here are some excerpts from it.

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Juliet Johnson and

Venita Ozols-Graham

are teaming up to produce and direct


is the writer of The Jed and Maisie Story, is an NYU Film alumni, and has worked in the film industry on and off since leaving NYU.  (The "off" being time she took to mother three children.)  She has written ten screenplays, had six short plays produced in various theaters in NYC, LA, Seattle and Annapolis (as well as having them published in playwriting anthologies).  She's published a comedic book of essays called Somebody's Always Hungry (about the insanity of child rearing), and has published numerous short stories and essays in anthologies, newspapers and magazines around the country.  She has written two novels, both unpublished for the time being.  CHICKEN is her directing debut.

is a member of the Director’s Guild of America and a previous DGA Award nominee. She’s enjoyed a successful run in production in film and TV, working on projects such as the hit TV shows Veronica Mars, CSI, The Shield, The District, and The X Files. She’s segued into writing, producing and directing and has written numerous screenplays as well as produced and directed the indie feature Black Widows. Her horror short, Used Body Parts, was a film festival hit last year, winning several awards and getting distribution on Amazon. She starts this year's film festival season with two new shorts she's produced, Angel and Amy's in the Freezer


The Other Producer

Barry Opper completes the producing team with Juliet and Venita.  He's produced: eleven feature films (amongst them Jeepers Creepers for MGM, Critters and its three sequels for New Line Cinema and Android for Island Pictures and Warner Bros), an award winning feature length documentary (called Slingshot about bringing clean water to children in third world countries), various short subjects and fifteen or so stage plays, some with international productions.

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